DIY End Table

I realized shortly after getting our sectional sofa, that our old end tables would be too large. So, after selling our end tables, I found a great one on offerup for only $25 🙂 Those of you who know me, know I love a good bargain.


Attempting to stick with the Nautical theme I have going in my living room, I decided to paint it a light color and distress it. I made a few mistakes here that I want to share.

After looking at different colors I liked at Lowes, I narrowed it down to a few, but I didn’t like the price. Then, a light bulb went off and I thought I would just use spray paint. hmmmm. Maybe not the best idea because even though it was easier to get into small corners and odd angles, I ran out of paint pretty quickly and had to go back and buy more, which ended up costing me as much as the large bucket of paint! Ha!


Also, you definitely need a wax for high traffic furniture, which I didn’t use right away- I was feeling lazy after distressing for so long. Obviously, I do not have an electric sander. That would have been super helpful as I could not feel my arms after the first 30 minutes of sanding. lol


So, back to the wax, I put it off, but shouldn’t have because my sweet dear daughter spilled something on the table (still trying to determine exactly what it was..and it was hard to get it off!).

But even with the lessons I learned during this project, I was still pleased with the way it turned out.







Here are a few more pictures..You can see the distressing I did with my spaghetti


I also am posting a few tables I considered buying before I did the DIY version. These were really cute.

This table I found at Target. The size was too small to work though and let too big of a gap for the space I needed it for.



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