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I really love reading. My favorite books are usually intense legal thrillers, but I enjoy other genres too. My husband also loves to read. Most of his books now are on his kindle, however, we still have TONS of paperback and hardback books.

Needless to say, this hording of books also goes for our children’s books.  At one point it was getting out of hand. We had so many books, but no where to put them all. I cant help myself, when I am out thrifting, I always find amazing kids books and they are so inexpensive, how can I resist?

Capture books


When we moved to Texas, We had tons of boxes that still needed unpacked months after having moved in. And of course, most of these boxes were full of books. I did end up giving away several boxes worth of books, and even threw some away-which felt wrong! But, my husband convinced me that even places like Goodwill and Salvation Army would not want my old college books on Tort Law or Economics. 🙂

Anyways, after unpacking and purging some of the books, we needed shelving! I wanted something that could be easily accessible by the kids and something that could go underneath the television in our tv room. And guess what? I found the perfect shelves at Walmart! I had looked at other stores and found a similar shelf at Target, but it wasn’t the length I needed.


We ended up buying two cubical shelves and turning them on their side. I wanted a long row of book shelves that wouldn’t be too high for little hands and this worked perfectly.

The actual cubicle shelves were wider than I had imagined, so typical bins were too small. However, we did find ones that fit perfectly at Target.

Though I had to put them together, it was pretty easy. It took less than an hour to put both shelving units together. So glad too because I wanted to get back to watching “This is Us”. 🙂

I would highly recommend this shelving if you are interested in purchasing something for books or anything at all for that matter. They are so versatile. And I love that I can use them either vertical or horizontal. When the kids get bigger, I will be able to turn them upright and possibly use them in a bedroom if we decide.

I have linked the shelving and bins for you below! Happy Organizing! As always, if you ever have questions, just shoot me a message!!


This is from Target. A little shorter than what I purchase. This is good for a smaller space. You can click HERE for this one

target shekves


Here is the one I purchased from Walmart. You can click HERE for this one


And here are the bins I got from Target. Also, I have to say they have held up very well and seem very durable! Click HERE

This is not the color I purchased but it will lead you to all the bins and you can choose your own color 🙂

Cube bins.jpg




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